ID Flow Premier Edition

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Part # IF6-PRE | ID Flow Premier Edition | Security Features | Data Base Connectivity

This superb software is formatted for multiple site and allows for centralized data and while maintaining top notch security requirements.  ID Flow Premier Edition ensures security by file password protection, user authorization, digital key, secure watermark and a single sign-on using active directory.  This edition is ability to connect to all the major databases and this software is capable of running unattended in kiosk mode.  ID Flow Premier Edition has RFID tecnology, it's auto face detection and crop around a face features make it easy to get the perfect ID card every time.             

ID Flow Premier Edition Features

  • All Features of Standard Edition
  • Read/Write Smart Cards
  • Snap to Face
  • Auto-Background Removal
  • Auto-Update Record Data
  • Advanced Data Entry Screens
  • Database Compatability (MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC/OLE DB, Database View Conntectivity)
  • Command Line Interface