Evolis Primacy 2 Duplex Expert Contactless NFC Encoder

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Printer with Elatec TWN4 Legic® NFC Encoder, USB & Ethernet, with Cardpresso XXS software license.

Evolis Primacy 2 Overview 

All of your current requirements may be met by Primacy 2 and those you might have in the future. Capabilities include double-sided printing, a 200-card feeder, encoders, a lamination module, and an LCD display. These options are easy to set up and may be done from the convenience of your own home.

Primacy 2 offers high-quality printing and a huge production capacity for medium to large numbers. The Primacy 2's two key advantages are its printing speed of up to 280 cards per hour and its 100- or 200-card feeder, both of which enable it to attain high levels of productivity and autonomy. In addition, it has a high-resolution printing mode and a colorimetric profile.


Evolis Primacy 2 Features

- Multiple Printing features

- High - performance printing and autonomy 

- High - security and durability 

- Lamination module

- Protection of printed data 

- Intuitive use 

- Robustness

- Clean design 


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Evolis Primacy 2