eMedia Basic Card Design Software

eMedia Basic Card Design Software

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 Part # L8002 | eMedia Basic Card Design | Compatible with all Evolis Printers

eMedia Basic Card Design features and design mode and an operating modes because Evolis knows that the person designing the card isn't always the same as the one printing the cards.  The two modes simplifies the card printing process and also helps avoid accidental changes to your template.  

*eMedia Basic comes free with all Evolis Pebble and Dualys Card Printer Purchases :)

eMedia Basic Card Design Features

  • Microsoft Excel Database Connectivity
  • Card Sizes: CR-79, CR-80, CR-90
  • User Friendly Wizards for helping you with technical tasks and a Help Assistant for day-to-day activities
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  • Photo and Data Fields