30mil PVC Cards with HICO Mag Stripe


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Part # CR-MAGHICO | HiCo Mag Stripe PVC Cards | Credit Card Thickness

The 30mil PVC with a HiCo Mag Stripe is a big hit with our customers.   This card fulfills a majority of application with direct-to-card printers.  The HICO (High Coercivity) magnetic stripe allow for the cards to be encoded, erased and read with a printer that has a magnetic encoding unit.  These cards are perfect for a slew of applications like gift & loyalty, time-in-attendance, access control and many many more.  Our 30mil HICO mag cards are graphic quality meaning they guarantee supreme printer quality and will not damage your card printer. 

Card Features:

  • 500 Graphic Quality PVC Cards
  • CR80 30mil
  • Credit Card Thickness
  • HICO Mag Stripe (High Coercivity)