Evolis Elypso Front Desk Card System

Emily Magee

The Evolis Elypso has a small footprint, but still offers extraordinary power. The Elypso card printer offers manual card feeding, front-desk operations, dual-sided printing, and flexible encoding capable of mag stripe, contact and contactless encoding. Bring your visitor management into the new generation.

The Elypso offers the same power of the Primacy in a compact size similar to the Zenius.  The Evolis Elypso was designed with the environment in mind. This id card system was fabricated using recycled materials whenever possible, it also has the ErP Directive 2009 and EnergyStar certification. Plus, due to it's compact size Evolis reduces CO2 emissions in both transportation and packaging. The Elypso comes complete with Evolis Premium Suite for Windows. This software allows the user to manage the Elypso entirely from the user interface and through pop-up notifications on printing status, ribbon availability and maintenance tasks.

The Evolis Elypso

Professional print quality:  It has the same print engine as the Primacy printer with a 300 dpi resolution.

Ease of Use: It's front loading design makes it easy to access even when situated in tight places. When using the Evolis Premium Software Suite with the Elypso you can receive notifications and easily control the printer from your computer.

Space saving: This front desk card system has a small footprint. The Elypso is barely bigger than a standard letter size sheet of paper! 

Less waiting time: Print out a personalized dual sided color card in less than 30 seconds!

Sustainable investment: The Elypso is upgradable making it easy to modify as your need evolve. This printer is made of carefully selected material guaranteeing high reliability to save on maintenance and repair cost.

We Recommend Evolis Elypso for:

  • Transit passes
  • Loyalty cards
  • Payment cards
  • Healthcare cards
  • Driver's licenses
RibbonsRibbon capacity
YMCKO 300 prints / roll
YMCKO-K 200 prints / roll
½ YMCKO 400 prints / roll
KO 600 prints / roll
Monochrome ribbon 1000 prints / roll
Hologram varnish 400 prints / roll