Become an Evolis Dealer

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How to Become An Evolis Dealer

Becoming an Evolis dealer simply requires you reselling Evolis card printers to an end user or integrator. We offer the best Evolis reseller program in North America with top level discounts as well as complete technical support for our dealers and even their end users. To be competitive selling card printers, you will require both excellent prices and support. Here at, we offer both.

Evolis Dealer Requirements

There are two main requirements to becoming an Evolis dealer. First, you must sign a MAP Agrement (Minimum Advertised Pricing) which simply states you will not advertise the Evolis line of card printers in print or online below certain price thresholds set by Evolis. These minimum advertised prices differ between printers, supplies, etc. The second requirement is to provide a reseller certificate or show proof that you are reselling. We are flexible on this requirement as long as 

Evolis Dealer Pricing

So the big question, what does the Evolis dealer pricing look like. Pricing is unique for every Evolis reseller depending on estimated annual volume or project size. We work with our dealer network to help provide the most competitive prices and sales support guaranteeing to make you successful with the Evolis line. 

Let's Get Started!

Contact us today to get started reselling the Evolis line of card printers. Evolis has set itself atop the card printer market with beautifully engineered, durable card printers that are priced to beat the competition.