Ski Resorts & ID Card Systems

Emily Magee


Make your ski resort run smoothly this ski season with a Evolis ID card printer.  Owning your own Evolis plastic id printer will allows you to print high quality season pass cards, room cards, employee ID cards, gift cards, etc!  Having a Evolis card printer opens up a variety of options for your ski resort.  

Ski Resort Season Passes

Show your season pass holders you care, by issuing them high-quality photo id cards.  Nobody likes those sticker lift tickets, having your own Evolis card printer allow ski resorts to issue professional looking photo ids for pass holders, skiers and snowboarders will appreciate this more attractive and durable alternative.  Use different colors or designs to designate passes (early-season, late-season, all season, VIP, weekend, etc.)  Ski passes are printed on durable pvc plastic cards that are capable of enduring a the season on the slopes.  Having photo id season passes also helps prevent duplication and impostors using the pass as there is a high quality photo of the correct pass holder.   If someone happens to lose there pass--it's easy to identify the owner when they come to the lost and found.  Another benefit for ski resorts, a well put together pvc photo id season pass can even promote brand recognition among peers off the slopes.  Many skiers and snowboarders leave there passes attached to their jackets at all times, giving you some free advertising.  

And don't forget to check out our adhesive backed cards for printing and attaching to proximity and smart cards for identification on the slopes.

Ski Resort Resort Room Keys

Resort keys making it easy for customers to access their rooms.  Having a card printer at the main desk will allow you to issue keys to everyone without a delay.  Resort access keys will let your clients access the pool, game room, gym and of course their room while they are staying with you.  

Employee ID Cards

Make your ski resort operate with ease by using a Evolis id card printer.  You will be able to create id badges for all your employees and you can easily distinguish departments with different card designs.  Utilize encoding features on your Evolis plastic card printer to integrate employee id cards with track time & attendance and great access to certain areas.  Now, it's not all operational you can also reward employees for a job well done, you can load a monetary value on their cards so they can buy lunch or use special services at the resort.  It's an easy way to give them a little extra something for outstanding work.

Gift Cards

Creating your own Ski Resort Gift cards is a great idea.  People will be able to give love ones money toward a room, dinner at your restaurant, lift tickets or rentals for the day, or even maybe a day at the spa.  The choices are endless.  Being able to create your own resort gift cards makes life easier, plus if you want to have a contest, raffle or even just give a little extra for small customer service issues gift cards are an excellent go to!