Evolis Zenius Replaces Evolis Tattoo 2

Posted on August 09, 2012 | Posted under Evolis Tattoo 2, Evolis Zenius, New Card Printer

There's a New Printer In Town

The Evolis Tattoo 2 was a great entry level printer offering low cost, low volume card printing but it's time has come and gone. Evolisprinter.com will still carry Evolis Tattoo 2 parts, ribbons and supplies for a long time but the printer is no longer in production. 

The Evolis Zenius has officially replaced the Tattoo 2 and it has an awesome updated feature set at the same great price point that allows for those on tight budgets to create beautiful full color plastic cards. The Evolis Zenius offers a full edge-to-edge 300 dpi print improving on the Tattoo 2's white print border. The Zenius also offers increased print speed, a lower cost per card and a complete redesign making it one of the most user friendly printers on the market.

The new Evolis Zenius ribbon uses an embeded RFID chip and enhanced print driver allowing users to know exactly how many prints they have left, reminding them when ribbons are low and automatically changing ribbon settings when changing between color and monochrome printing. The Zenius ribbon redesign also includes a brand new easy load cartridge system making it incredibly easy to load and unload ribbons quickly and efficiently. 

Overall, the Evolis Zenius card printer offers the best value in low volume card printing on the market. It competes with printers double it's price in print quality, speed and ease of use. Evolisprinter.com stocks and supports the Evolis Zenius card printer at a guaranteed low price.