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Posted on June 25, 2012 | Posted under 30mil PVC Cards, Biodegradable Cards, Eco-friendly, PVC Cards, Recycled Cards

Eco-Friendly PVC Cards

In today's day and age we are always trying to look for ways to help out this wonderful world we live in.  Biodegradable PVC Cards and Recycled PVC Cards are a small step to help make your company a little more environmentally friendly.  Now, just because these cards are biodegradable and made of recycled PVC doesn't mean they are less durable.  Both of these environmentally friendly ID card options act and wear much like their standard 30 mil PVC counterpart.  

We will say that Recycled PVC Cards tend to have a slight hint of gray in their coloration, but it will not effect the print quality.  We have noticed that Zoos are especially loving our Biodegradable PVC Cards as sometimes ID cards do get lost.  These Biodegradable cards won't just melt away in rain or in your pocket a hot day.  Our Biodegradable Cards do not start decomposing until they become buried in the ground and reach the right temperature and moisture conditions.      

The cost of being eco-friendly?  Only a few cents per card for either of these options.  Be part of the Eco-Friendly movement!