CardExchange 7 |

Emily Magee

It's here!  CardExchange Version 7 has been released.  The biggest improvement is the Designer Interface.  It has a new look that makes design cards even easier.  If you know how utilize Microsoft Word 2010 you won't have a problem operating the Version 7.  This new interface is groundbreaking and took years to develop.   Since Version 7 is officially out now, Version 5 has been discontinued and ExchangeIt will no longer create fixes for bugs.   That being said, Version 6 will still be support and bug fixes created if needed, however, there will be no new functionality for this version.         

Best part?  ExchangeIt is letting all licenses that were purchased on January 1st 2012 of after to be upgraded to Version 7 for free.  You will need to have your original serial code and activation code handy for this process.  After, you fill in the information you will be provided with a new serial code and activation code--Make sure you save it in a text file or write it down!

Need to get your CardExchange Version upgraded?  Click here to head to over to our friends at ExchangeIT for your upgrade.