Evolis Primacy Card Printer | Evolisprinter.com

Dustin Heigl

The wait is finally over, the Evolis Primacy card printer is here.  The Primacy printer is going to shake up the card printer market with an awesome feature set, industry leading warranty and blazing fast speed.  

What Makes the Primacy Different

This machine is not only easy to operate, but is super fast and flexible.  The Evolis Primacy is great for both printing and encoding medium to large batches of cards.  This card printer is the perfect answer to creating transportation passes, identification badges, payment cards, and also multi-feature cards.

Options, Options, Options

The Primacy card printer is available as a single-sided or dual-sided printer and offers all encoding options.  The most fascinating feature the Primacy offers is that a single-sided printer can evolve into the dual-sided printer on-site.  Not only can you make the switch from a single-sided printer to a dual-sided printer, but of course additional encoding options can be installed quickly on-site too!

Powerful, yet Quiet

Don't let the Primacy's sleek appearance fool you this card printer can print 210 single-sided color cards per hour.  The Primacy printer by Evolis also totes the ENERGY STAR rating by using 5 times less energy than previous card printer generations.  The Primacy runs at under a 48 decibel sound level.  Just to give you an idea on where that falls on the decibel scale it's in between that of the average home (50 Decibels) and a quiet library (40 decibels).

Trust Combined with Innovation

Not only has the Primacy Card Printer brought new innovation to desktop card printers, but it's backed up with a 3 year unlimited print warranty.  Here at Evolisprinter.com we offer lifetime technical support and repair both warranty and non-warranty issues.