Evolis Primacy Gets Even Better

Dustin Heigl

The calling card of success is anticipating your customers’ needs and delivering on them seamlessly. In the card printing business, we take this very seriously. Evolis Primacy is already the best card printer on the market, but it just got even better. The new Evolis Primacy, available this September, brings you convenient printing options, flexibility, and performance that make this printer even better than the best.

We can barely wait for the Evolis Primacy release. And since misery loves company, here is an exclusive, in-depth preview of the printer’s newest features that will have you counting down the days with us in no time.


We know that work happens on the fly. If you need to leave your printing project unattended to engage your customers or take care of other business, the Primacy’s counter options and open output hopper makes printing event or loyalty management cards worry free.


When you’re in the zone, you want to stay in the zone. Whether you’re polishing up proofs, reviewing designs, or sending a few finished jobs to the printer, interrupting your workflow to check the card level can be an annoyance and a distraction. The printer’s low car level sensor tells you when your card feeder needs refilled for seamless, effortless productivity that doesn’t interrupt you until you need it.


Because “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, the new Evolis Primacy offers UHF encoding options that make card access easier for your customers. This printing option makes long-range access controls, transportation, and vehicle identification a breeze so you can be a market leader for your customers.


Do you remember the first time you watched your favorite movie on an HD tv? So do we. The crisp lines of the images and vibrant colors draw you in. In the card printing industry, extended memory and higher DPI resolution brings your projects into high-definition. Harness more RA M and sharper 300 x 600 and 300 x 1200 DPI printing options for the most life-like output in the


Firmware is a necessary part of using technology, but checking for installations or complicated update processes can slow you down. The new Primacy update wizard walks you through updates with a few, quick clicks so you can get back to your work without a second thought.

Still not enough? Evolis Primacy already announced some of the upcoming features you can expect in future releases throughout 2015, such as increased monochrome printing speed, an electronic locking system for extra security, and an optional LCD display. We agree, it’s more than we expected too. September – and the updated Evolis Primacy – can’t come soon enough.  Feel free to contact us to get a quote today, otherwise we will talk to you in September!

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