How to Create Amazing Grocery Store Price Tags with Plastic Cards

Dustin Heigl

Grocery stores, like yours, must continually work to ensure the lowest possible operational costs in order to pass the savings along to your customers, yet the cost of printing price tags, and therefore, your marketing costs rises more each day. However, you have a simple solution to your problem that addresses some of your primary concerns: designing, food safety, reproduction capacity, and cost-effective marketing strategy. You need to see how our innovative technology can help you in these arenas for your store price tags especially. 


When designing an effective price tag, customers want to find out the item's name and price. However, a multitude of price tags advertising everything from latest product to in-store contests litter the aisles. When designing a price tag, choose a background that will stand apart from the font and color, for example choose red font against a green background. Here are the common color compliments that will draw a customer in: red to green, yellow to purple, and orange to blue. The biggest contrast is found when you look at the color opposite a given color on a color wheel. Our software and Evolis printer can help you instantly create an esthetically appealing price tag.

Creat Grocery Store Price Tags with an Card PrinterFood Safety

The next issue to consider when creating an amazing price tag remains something many tend to overlook. Since grocery stores sell food, the tags need to be safe for coming into contact with food, especially in meat, diary, and produce departments where the tag will be sitting on the actual food. The Evolis ink cartridge has been tested to verify safety when in contact with food after the ink dries.

Reproduction Capability

Our software enables you to create your own design for your price tags as well as use an existing template. With this in mind, you'll be able to reproduce an endless supply of price tags on-demand for issues that arise due to troublesome customers, errors in advertisements, or even to draw attention to a product.


The last component to consider in price tag creation is the cost-effectiveness. Will the cost of printing the applicable tags bring in more revenue when on display? Our printer and software allows you to make adjustments in the design and characteristics of each tag as time progresses. Since the tags are printed immediately, you will not lose revenue while waiting on the arrival of a new set of price tags. Effectively, this eliminates the need for a 3rd-party printing company.

If you're considering how to dramatically decrease your expenditures in the creation of your in-store price tags, contact us today to find out more about the Evolis printer and software. We'd love to help make your business an even bigger success. Contact us for more information regarding this application, we can help you choose your card printer and order supplies.

Our Printer Recommendations

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This entry level card printer is easy to operate and comes with the CardPresso XXS Lite software. This software allows you to start designing right when you get your card printer.   

Evolis Primacy

The Primacy printer more advanced than the Zenius, it offer more encoding options. This card printer comes with the CardPresso XXS Lite software.

Why stop at just grocery store tags, both the Zenius and Primacy card printers can also make employee ids, business cards and gift cards.