Evolis Primacy Gets Even Better

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The calling card of success is anticipating your customers’ needs and delivering on them seamlessly. In the card printing business, we take this very seriously. Evolis Primacy is already the best card printer on the market, but it just got even better. The new Evolis Primacy, available this September, brings you convenient printing options, flexibility, and performance that make this printer even better than the best.

We can barely wait for the Evolis Primacy release. And since misery loves company, here is an exclusive, in-depth preview of the printer’s newest features that will have you counting down the days with us in no time.


We know that work happens on the fly. If you need to leave your printing project unattended to engage your customers or take care of other business, the Primacy’s counter options and open output hopper makes printing event or loyalty management cards worry free.


When you’re in the zone, you want to stay in the zone. Whether you’re polishing up proofs, reviewing designs, or sending a few finished jobs to the printer, interrupting your workflow to check the card level can be an annoyance and a distraction. The printer’s low car level sensor tells you when your card feeder needs refilled for seamless, effortless productivity that doesn’t interrupt you until you need it.


Because “close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, the new Evolis Primacy offers UHF encoding options that make card access easier for your customers. This printing option makes long-range access controls, transportation, and vehicle identification a breeze so you can be a market leader for your customers.


Do you remember the first time you watched your favorite movie on an HD tv? So do we. The crisp lines of the images and vibrant colors draw you in. In the card printing industry, extended memory and higher DPI resolution brings your projects into high-definition. Harness more RA M and sharper 300 x 600 and 300 x 1200 DPI printing options for the most life-like output in the


Firmware is a necessary part of using technology, but checking for installations or complicated update processes can slow you down. The new Primacy update wizard walks you through updates with a few, quick clicks so you can get back to your work without a second thought.

Still not enough? Evolis Primacy already announced some of the upcoming features you can expect in future releases throughout 2015, such as increased monochrome printing speed, an electronic locking system for extra security, and an optional LCD display. We agree, it’s more than we expected too. September – and the updated Evolis Primacy – can’t come soon enough.  Feel free to contact us to get a quote today, otherwise we will talk to you in September!

Learn how the Primacy would be great for Creating Amazing Grocery Store Price Tags

Evolis Zenius Printer Versus Fargo, Zebra and Datacard

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vs. Fargo, Zebra & Datacard

Are you looking for a thermal printer to create employee ID cards, customer loyalty cards or other laminated badges? Choosing an ID card printer can be difficult but when it comes to price, print quality, warranty and reliability, the Evolis Zenius is an excellent fit. 

About the Evolis Zenius Printer

The Evolis Zenius Printer is a thermal transfer, color printer. You can use it to make employee badges, customer loyalty cards, gift cards and any number of 2" by 3"-size laminated cards. This printer is not just stylish and efficient; it's friendly to the environment. Evolis used recycled materials to make the Evolis Zenius printer. Plus, the machine's compact design and light weight make it easy to move around the office or transport for on-site printing.

How the Evolis Zenius Printer compares to Fargo, Zebra and Datacard

One of the advantages to the Evolis Zenius printer over many of its competitors is its simple to use design. The printer ribbon uses an RFID tag to let you know exactly how many prints you have left and the intuitive driver will remind you when to clean the unit for optimal performance.

In addition, the Evolis Zenius is the quietest printer on the market, emitting 48 decibels of sound, compared to 52 or more decibels from the competition.

We're so confident in the Evolis Zenius printer that we offer a three year guarantee on both the printer and the print head. That's a full year longer than offered with other, similar printers.

If you're looking for an efficient, lightweight, quiet and eco-friendly thermal card printer, you can't go wrong with the new Evolis Zenius model.

Get the comparison facts by checking out our table on the Evolis Zenius vs. Competitors (PDF)


How to Create Amazing Grocery Store Price Tags with Plastic Cards

Posted on November 05, 2014 | Posted under Evolis

Grocery stores, like yours, must continually work to ensure the lowest possible operational costs in order to pass the savings along to your customers, yet the cost of printing price tags, and therefore, your marketing costs rises more each day. However, you have a simple solution to your problem that addresses some of your primary concerns: designing, food safety, reproduction capacity, and cost-effective marketing strategy. You need to see how our innovative technology can help you in these arenas for your store price tags especially. 


When designing an effective price tag, customers want to find out the item's name and price. However, a multitude of price tags advertising everything from latest product to in-store contests litter the aisles. When designing a price tag, choose a background that will stand apart from the font and color, for example choose red font against a green background. Here are the common color compliments that will draw a customer in: red to green, yellow to purple, and orange to blue. The biggest contrast is found when you look at the color opposite a given color on a color wheel. Our software and Evolis printer can help you instantly create an esthetically appealing price tag.

Creat Grocery Store Price Tags with an Card PrinterFood Safety

The next issue to consider when creating an amazing price tag remains something many tend to overlook. Since grocery stores sell food, the tags need to be safe for coming into contact with food, especially in meat, diary, and produce departments where the tag will be sitting on the actual food. The Evolis ink cartridge has been tested to verify safety when in contact with food after the ink dries.

Reproduction Capability

Our software enables you to create your own design for your price tags as well as use an existing template. With this in mind, you'll be able to reproduce an endless supply of price tags on-demand for issues that arise due to troublesome customers, errors in advertisements, or even to draw attention to a product.


The last component to consider in price tag creation is the cost-effectiveness. Will the cost of printing the applicable tags bring in more revenue when on display? Our printer and software allows you to make adjustments in the design and characteristics of each tag as time progresses. Since the tags are printed immediately, you will not lose revenue while waiting on the arrival of a new set of price tags. Effectively, this eliminates the need for a 3rd-party printing company.

If you're considering how to dramatically decrease your expenditures in the creation of your in-store price tags, contact us today to find out more about the Evolis printer and software. We'd love to help make your business an even bigger success. Contact us for more information regarding this application, we can help you choose your card printer and order supplies.

Our Printer Recommendations

Evolis Zenius

This entry level card printer is easy to operate and comes with the CardPresso XXS Lite software. This software allows you to start designing right when you get your card printer.   

Evolis Primacy

The Primacy printer more advanced than the Zenius, it offer more encoding options. This card printer comes with the CardPresso XXS Lite software.

Why stop at just grocery store tags, both the Zenius and Primacy card printers can also make employee ids, business cards and gift cards.



Evolis Badgy 200 Card Printer From Evolis

Posted on October 29, 2014

Evolisprinter.com is proud to announce the release of one of its newest and greatest gadgets, the Badgy 200. This plastic card printer provides a perfect output of personalized plastic cards on demand.

Producing up to 95 cards per hour, and with 300 DPI printing resolution, the Badgy 200 is a high-yield device with a convenient small size. Smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper and just under 4 pounds, this printer fits easily in just about any workspace and generates high-resolution quality cards for any business. Badgy 200 comes with a YMCKO printer cartridge with ribbon, good for up to 100 prints. With edge-to-edge printing capability, cards made on the Badgy 200 have a sleek, uber-professional appearance.


We’ve designed the Badgy 200 to have exceptional ease of use. Simply load the cards into the feeder, print and retrieve the cards from the output hopper. With the feeder and output hopper both located on the front of the machine, the Badgy 200 can fit nicely on a shelf beneath a desk or in a cabinet without concern that multiple sides of the unit must be accessible. For consumers who find loading printer cartridges to be a challenge, we’ve designed the Badgy 200’s printer ribbons to have simple installation as well as auto-recognition.

Evolis uses recycled materials whenever possible to make the Badgy 200’s, so eco-minded consumers can rest assured that their products are environmentally safe and friendly. 


Software for designing and printing badges on the the Badgy 200 is supplied as part of the printer bundle. For customer convenience, the Evolis Badge Studio package operates on Windows and Mac platforms. Printer drivers for both operating systems are available as well.

The Badgy 200 is perfect for small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and even personal use. For more information about the Badgy 200 product release, as well as industry-leading support on other Evolisprinter.com products, contact us at 1-800-679-7407. We’re excited about our new product and want to share more information with you.

Badgy 200 Evolis Card Printer

Evolis Badgy200 ID Card Printer


Introducing Evolis Avansia Card Printer

Posted on October 24, 2014 | Posted under Avansia, Evolis

When standard 300 dpi card printing just isn't cutting it, you can now turn to the revolutionary new card printer from Evolis. The state of the art for press quality cards is found in a process known as retransfer printing, which permits edge-to-edge printing on both PVC and composite cards. Here at Evolisprinter.com, we're proud to announce the very latest in high-definition retransfer card printers -- Avansia!

The Avansia printer is a robust, efficient solution for any company or organization that needs to print a moderate to large volume of full-color plastic cards, from student IDs and driver's licenses to payment cards and access badges. This machine is built to last, reliably producing more than 140 single-sided full-color cards per hour. (Users can also print double-sided cards by simply working the flip-over card module.) A high-capacity feed tray, 250-card hopper, and print rolls good for up to 500 prints (when using Evolis High Trust Ribbons) work together to ensure a steady, consistent flow of finished cards, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Workers tasked with cranking out lots of cards on a daily basis will wonder how they ever got along without Avansia.

The retransfer print technology featured in the Avansia printer allows for far more print options -- and more beautiful results -- than older printing technologies can offer. Instead of direct-to-card printing, the Avansia produces 600-dpi images on a thin film which is thermally bonded onto the card using heat transfer. The resulting artwork resists the scratches of everyday abuse (and attempts at tampering). Retransfer printing also allows for true edge-to-edge reproduction instead of that annoying white border produced by other print methods. The thin film transfer bonds securely to lots of different substrates -- not just PVC, but also composite PVC, PET-F, PET-G and polycarbonate. Users can even print beautiful images onto uneven surfaces like smart and proximity.

This printer comes with an easy-to-read LCD display, an electronic security key, and USB 2.0 and Ethernet interfaces. Additional options that can make the Avansia printer even more flexible and powerful include an ISO 7811 magnetic stripe encoder module and an internal USB hub. Contact us to learn more!

Evolis Elypso Front Desk Card System

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The Evolis Elypso has a small footprint, but still offers extraordinary power. The Elypso card printer offers manual card feeding, front-desk operations, dual-sided printing, and flexible encoding capable of mag stripe, contact and contactless encoding. Bring your visitor management into the new generation.

The Elypso offers the same power of the Primacy in a compact size similar to the Zenius.  The Evolis Elypso was designed with the environment in mind. This id card system was fabricated using recycled materials whenever possible, it also has the ErP Directive 2009 and EnergyStar certification. Plus, due to it's compact size Evolis reduces CO2 emissions in both transportation and packaging. The Elypso comes complete with Evolis Premium Suite for Windows. This software allows the user to manage the Elypso entirely from the user interface and through pop-up notifications on printing status, ribbon availability and maintenance tasks.

The Evolis Elypso

Professional print quality:  It has the same print engine as the Primacy printer with a 300 dpi resolution.

Ease of Use: It's front loading design makes it easy to access even when situated in tight places. When using the Evolis Premium Software Suite with the Elypso you can receive notifications and easily control the printer from your computer.

Space saving: This front desk card system has a small footprint. The Elypso is barely bigger than a standard letter size sheet of paper! 

Less waiting time: Print out a personalized dual sided color card in less than 30 seconds!

Sustainable investment: The Elypso is upgradable making it easy to modify as your need evolve. This printer is made of carefully selected material guaranteeing high reliability to save on maintenance and repair cost.

We Recommend Evolis Elypso for:

  • Transit passes
  • Loyalty cards
  • Payment cards
  • Healthcare cards
  • Driver's licenses
RibbonsRibbon capacity
YMCKO 300 prints / roll
YMCKO-K 200 prints / roll
½ YMCKO 400 prints / roll
KO 600 prints / roll
Monochrome ribbon 1000 prints / roll
Hologram varnish 400 prints / roll

Evolis Badgy Card Printer

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The Evolis Badgy is the easiest card printer to operate form the Evolis card printer line. The Badgy comes as an all-in-one system. Connect the cables, insert the cards, insert the ribbon then create and print your badges. Easily download free badge templates and customize them to your application. 

The Badgy card printer could be the prefect fit for your company, shop, school, event or for local authorities.  Make business cards, marketing support cards, vistor badges, employee badges, event annoucements, school ids, gift cards, membership cards, etc. The Evolis Badgy website makes it easy to download a design template to fit your applications need.  Currently there are over 100 templates online for you to choose from and customize!  


Evolis Badgy Card Printer Specifications:

General specifications 300 dpi resolution for high color printing qualityFast printing: 40 seconds per cardDetachable feeder with a capacity of 100 cardsSlide-out hopper with a capacity of 10 cardsUSB connection16 MB RAMAutomatic card thickness adjustment
Print modes Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transferMaximum print area: 51.18 x 82.8 mm / 2.01” x 3.26” (margins of 1,40 mm / 0.055”)
Printing speed 90 cards per hour
Printer driver Windows XP Vista 32 & 64 bitsWindows 7, 8  (32 & 64 bits)Mac OS 10.7, 10.8
Software Office Cards for badges personalization and printing (Windows Excel 1997-2003, 2007, 2010)
Excel 32 bit versions is required to use free templates
Ribbon type Color ribbon for 100 prints (YMCKO)
Warranty 1 year (printer and print head), unlimited number of prints
Card types All PVC, PVC laminated, Composite and PET plastic cards
Card format Credit card format: 53.98 (W) x 85.60 (L) mm / 2.125” (W) x 3.375” (L) - ISO CR-80 – ISO 7810
Card thickness From 0,50 mm (20 mil) to 0,76 mm (30 mil)
Card feeder capacity 100 cards
Output hopper capacity 10 cards
Printer dimensions
(L x H x W)
Without output hopper: 271 x 166 x 194 mm / 10.66” x 6.53” x 7.63”With output hopper: 374 x 166 x 194 mm / 14.72” x 6.53” x 7.63”
Printer weight  2.4 Kg (5.3 Lbs)
Connections USB 1.1 (2.0 compatible 2.0) - cable supplied
Electrical Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1,5 or 1,8 APrinter: 24 V DC, 3 A
Conditions ambiantes Min-max operating temperature: from 15° to 30°C (59° / 86° F)Humidity: from 20% to 65% non-condensingMin-max storage temperature: from -5° to +70°C (23° / 158° F)Storage humidity: from 20% to 70% non-condensingOperating ventilation: free air
Regulatory compliance
RF interferences: CE, FCC Class B, VCCI and CCC approve, RoHS 

Become an Evolis Dealer

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How to Become An Evolis Dealer

Becoming an Evolis dealer simply requires you reselling Evolis card printers to an end user or integrator. We offer the best Evolis reseller program in North America with top level discounts as well as complete technical support for our dealers and even their end users. To be competitive selling card printers, you will require both excellent prices and support. Here at Evolisprinter.com, we offer both.

Evolis Dealer Requirements

There are two main requirements to becoming an Evolis dealer. First, you must sign a MAP Agrement (Minimum Advertised Pricing) which simply states you will not advertise the Evolis line of card printers in print or online below certain price thresholds set by Evolis. These minimum advertised prices differ between printers, supplies, etc. The second requirement is to provide a reseller certificate or show proof that you are reselling. We are flexible on this requirement as long as 

Evolis Dealer Pricing

So the big question, what does the Evolis dealer pricing look like. Pricing is unique for every Evolis reseller depending on estimated annual volume or project size. We work with our dealer network to help provide the most competitive prices and sales support guaranteeing to make you successful with the Evolis line. 

Let's Get Started!

Contact us today to get started reselling the Evolis line of card printers. Evolis has set itself atop the card printer market with beautifully engineered, durable card printers that are priced to beat the competition.

Evolis Primacy Goes Wireless

Posted on March 05, 2013 | Posted under Primacy, Wireless Card Printer

 The Evolis Primacy card printer is now available with a wireless networking option giving you the freedom to connect to the printer without any USB or Ethernet cables. This technology is relatively new to the plastic card printing market and can be a real benefit to companies and with many different applications.

The WiFi technology on the Primacy card printer offers easy configuration and set up, perfect for applications like trade shows and visitor management systems. It is also used for photographers and schools who need the freedom to move around as they do on-site ID badging for students and faculty. 

The Primacy wireless card printer is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 as well as Mac and Linux operating systems. Evolisprinter.com can also provide a Software Developers Kit (SDK) if you would like to customize the printer to meet your specific needs.

View the Evolis Primacy Wireless Card Printer here - Evolis Primacy Wireless

Ski Resorts & ID Card Systems

Posted on November 09, 2012 | Posted under Encoding, Evolis, Gift Cards, ID Cards, Room Keys, Season Passes, Ski Resort


Make your ski resort run smoothly this ski season with a Evolis ID card printer.  Owning your own Evolis plastic id printer will allows you to print high quality season pass cards, room cards, employee ID cards, gift cards, etc!  Having a Evolis card printer opens up a variety of options for your ski resort.  

Ski Resort Season Passes

Show your season pass holders you care, by issuing them high-quality photo id cards.  Nobody likes those sticker lift tickets, having your own Evolis card printer allow ski resorts to issue professional looking photo ids for pass holders, skiers and snowboarders will appreciate this more attractive and durable alternative.  Use different colors or designs to designate passes (early-season, late-season, all season, VIP, weekend, etc.)  Ski passes are printed on durable pvc plastic cards that are capable of enduring a the season on the slopes.  Having photo id season passes also helps prevent duplication and impostors using the pass as there is a high quality photo of the correct pass holder.   If someone happens to lose there pass--it's easy to identify the owner when they come to the lost and found.  Another benefit for ski resorts, a well put together pvc photo id season pass can even promote brand recognition among peers off the slopes.  Many skiers and snowboarders leave there passes attached to their jackets at all times, giving you some free advertising.  

And don't forget to check out our adhesive backed cards for printing and attaching to proximity and smart cards for identification on the slopes.

Ski Resort Resort Room Keys

Resort keys making it easy for customers to access their rooms.  Having a card printer at the main desk will allow you to issue keys to everyone without a delay.  Resort access keys will let your clients access the pool, game room, gym and of course their room while they are staying with you.  

Employee ID Cards

Make your ski resort operate with ease by using a Evolis id card printer.  You will be able to create id badges for all your employees and you can easily distinguish departments with different card designs.  Utilize encoding features on your Evolis plastic card printer to integrate employee id cards with track time & attendance and great access to certain areas.  Now, it's not all operational you can also reward employees for a job well done, you can load a monetary value on their cards so they can buy lunch or use special services at the resort.  It's an easy way to give them a little extra something for outstanding work.

Gift Cards

Creating your own Ski Resort Gift cards is a great idea.  People will be able to give love ones money toward a room, dinner at your restaurant, lift tickets or rentals for the day, or even maybe a day at the spa.  The choices are endless.  Being able to create your own resort gift cards makes life easier, plus if you want to have a contest, raffle or even just give a little extra for small customer service issues gift cards are an excellent go to!